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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Try not to give a minor calamity a chance to make you bankrupt

Securing Your Data is Concern to Us

Disaster recovery and Data backup are two quite importance components of any layered IT safety and security strategy. Many institutions do find that backup software solution can protect the respective clients if there seems to be a technology disaster, but apparently, this is not true. As the institutions search for a practical solution for disaster recovery and data back up, the customer needs to know about these terms and how they should be kept to work together.
Data backup is the action for storing the copy of data or files in various storage locations so that if in any case, the data becomes damaged can be restored. While disaster recovery is considered as an act of restoring these data and files. Both of them are considered critical as an IT security solution and have combined them into one comprehensive solution for faster and more comfortable restoration.
Most of the IT-based companies require backup software to maintain the pace and gravity of their client’s businesses. With the Vivolution, you can reduce your backup time by up to 85-90%, and can safeguard your data.

Advantages of choosing Vivolution for data and disaster recovery services:
With Vivolution the DR is said to get covered with the speed of light. With their disaster recovery and hybrid cloud backup software, you can restore your client’s businesses, within minutes.
Our Packages includes:

● Super-fast Recovery:
Data is said to be continuously back up to one of the virtual standby server to enable the client’s system in a blink of an eye.
● Data Archival:
Files and data are archived with the feature if hybrid cloud data feature and allows to user yo tag and search for them for easier access.
● Recovery Test:
Implementation of month reports generation and daily data backup policy. Also, recovery tests are carried out to support the recovery features of the system.

Availing the DIsaster recovery and Data backup services can help you in resuming and smooth functioning of your business as on subscription they can be your ozone safeguarding your future.

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