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Hosted Exchange Email Solution

Are emails, calendars and contacts an important part of your everyday business?

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Hosted Exchange is a kind of hosted email solution can help you in working on your domain name. Equipped with multiple features said to have design streamline exchange and also to improve upon the collaborative work for making the hosted exchange as one of the best widely-used email servers among professionals.

Using Vivolution web interface, the users can allow an instant search, retrieve and identify emails and enclosed attachments, and recover them directly on their device.

Features to avail of Vivolution Hosted Exchange services:

Email Continuity:

Continuing with their hosted cloud service, Vivolution provides continuous on-demand email access from a remote location. Vivolution provides mobility services and 24*7 email accessibility, to enable the users to access the attachments and messages from the archive section. Employees in the industry can avail these services and are also not constrained by various network access availability and local configuration requirements. As Vivolution allows its user for receiving and sending emails securely within the company being an SSL encrypted internet connection.

Hosted Gateway:

Being a premium hosted service, Vivolution operates “in the cloud,” and saves automatically outgoing and incoming internet email. To implement the setup, it does not require any additional hardware, for IT support or client-side software. Email availability can be compared to the penetration of electricity today.

With Vivolution servers looking forward to class-A data centers that leverage the storage infrastructure and software to host the clients with email redundancy and availability.

Active Archiving:

Email structures are quite helpful for the clients as they serve dual purposes being an information repository and communication tool too. The same is said to accomplish through active archiving. Vivolution active archiving are said to automatically stores a copy for outgoing, internal and incoming email is a safe, secure and encrypted repository in a particular platform.

Vivolution user interface can help in instantly recovering the attachment and emails from active archiving into your device inbox without any assistance from IT. Never miss an email with Vivolution, feel free to contact us, for our customized quote and comprehensive services.

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