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Office Virtualization

Maximizing Server Resources and Performance by Virtualization

Server and Workstation Virtualization

Server virtualization is one of the methods that are used to partition a server into multiple “virtual” servers in such a manner that every subordinate server has different capability and appearance for running their physical machine. The independent server runs their applications and operating systems. Once consolidated the servers with us, you can avail various advantages of server virtualization technologies.

Why choose Vivolution for Server Virtualization:
● We employ less number of physical server, causing a reduction in hardware maintenance.
● The total cost of setting up of IT infrastructure gets reduced.
● Multiple operating systems can be deployed on a single hardware platform.
As now every application has its own “virtual server,” any change or upgrades in any application will not have an impact on other,

Workstation Virtualization:
Gone are the of working on a server or client computation, where the windows happen to rule over the day, and various end users need to work from a single location and device. Today the end users are finding and using new kinds of devices at work, also accessing various windows and non-window based applications, and being a mobile platform for everything than ever.
But delivering and managing services and sourcing them to the end users with the help of traditional PC-centric tools found to be quite costly and time-consuming too. Vivolution, workstation virtualization services, implement their innovative approach for delivering services to streamline strategy for protecting, managing and providing to Linux or Windows applications and desktops in cloud or premises. Our solution ensures the end users are allowed to work anytime and from any device.

Benefits involved in association with Vivolution, workstation virtualization services:

● At the event of hardware failures, we offer non-zero downtime.
● With our solution the device being used found to be an increment in its lifecycle.
● Improved centralized and security management
● The lower cost involved in new application deployment

With the help of Vivolution, you will give your workstation a sense of security as your infrastructure deserves. Do make a call today to seek our features and request a detailed quote today.

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