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Hardware as a Service commonly known as HaaS refers to grid computing or managed services where the central provider leased the computing power. HaaS model if compared to the business based concepts related to the users availing the facility of rent rather than purchasing the supplier’s tech assets.
Vivolution solution for HaaS services the below purposes for the users:
● Vivolution through its services helps the users in managing their license requirements.
● Vivolution signs a contract with the users for the administration and maintenance of hardware systems.

Why Choose Us?
Reduction in Capital Expense:
At Vivolution we design our HaaS solutions to impart our partner to save upfront cost need to spend on hardware upgradation. We develop our plans for charging them on a monthly basis and removing the factor of unpredictability for upkeep and maintenance.
As we are here for you to keep us in the best possible way with reasonable costing attached.
Better Maintenance and Troubleshooting:
Our model is said to deliver high operational reliability and service integrity. We provide our ongoing contact and support to our clientele and regular checks to ensure that best practices are implemented in handling your hardware services.
In the normal course of action, people forget about the routine maintenance once they purchase the hardware. At Vivolution our programmes are devised in such a way that we include the best possible services in our agreements to serve in a better way.
Avoid Obsolescence:
HaaS is one of the ways that make you updated with the current state-of-the-art technology trending in the industry and pursue your business goals and requirements. At vivolution, we not only stresses out on replacement and repairing of the broken hardware products but also take care of timely updates too.
Vivolution understands the structuring of the organization. Building from scratch and rising as an enterprise will be a journey but increasing demands integration is well handled by Vivolution solutions onboard. Treating any quantum of components and their right combination with the needs of the organization is our core feature.
If in any case, you end up choosing wrong equipment, we will help you in scaling down the same and installing the right one to make up the loss.
HaaS is a key solution for any hardware issues you cater to, as we at Vicolution are best in the formulation of components linking the ladder through their perfect solutions.

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