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Laptops, Smartphones, tablets, PCs or any other gadgets, comprising of networks can pertain to endpoints. These endpoints serve the purpose for efficiency and productivity. They are often used as the gate pass to threats for compromising the system and can destruct the enterprise assets too. The enterprise security management acts as an ozone  or a protective layer for enforcing the protection sourced by the network security.

Protecting the assets from various Malicious Attacks:


An endpoint security systems can protect your device from various potential threats. As endpoint security software is comprised of an antivirus feature for destroying and detecting viruses. They are  also known as an anti-spyware for protecting the software or spyware gathering the information through the internet. These features require to be updated on specific spyware, and viruses that continuously evolve alongside the new technologies and fast-paced innovations.

Another feature of endpoint software must have is that they need to ensure protection from various malicious attacks. They includes host intrusion detection system (HIDS), application whitelisting, vulnerability assessment and host-based firewall.

Host-based firewall:

On considering the host-based firewall attached with many operating systems in devices but if compared to endpoint security than they include the same as one of their key features for enhanced protection. The only difference between a network firewall and host-based firewall installed in the same machine is that host-based firewall has a primary focus on all outgoing and ongoing activities of any endpoint while the network firewall through the single device manages friendly and current network activities at each parameter and also defends the entire corporate network too.



Host intrusion prevention system  is known as HIDS, is considered to work in connection with firewalls. Their function is to analyze and monitor the internals of various network packets and computing systems. This is  to ensure their working without any compromisation in internal structure giving way to various malicious intrusions. HIDS can also be considered as a secondary line of defense after firewall. HIDS examine everything internally about malicious activities or if something has passed firewalls and entered into the systems.


Vulnerability assessment or VA is considered to be a feature that is quite similar to HIDS. VA classifies and identifies the security hole in network or computer. The only thing which sets them apart is that vulnerability assessment not only stress on detection of irregularities. But also assess the assets of any computer machine and prioritizes the assets requires more protection and maintenance.

Application Whitelisting:

Application whitelisting is another feature of endpoint security software which prevents various unauthorized programs running in computers. Once the user looks for installing a particular program, the specific whitelisting feature analyzes such programs for being authorized or not as there can be any malware disguising being a legitimate program. The application whitelisting is also known for restricting the installation of programs demanding many resources from a device. Hence interrupting other work-related tasks which should instead be set on priority.

How to Safeguard Data Assets?


Endpoint security systems ensure that the enterprise data usage should be safe from any theft, loss, and breach. Addressing the concerns and the feature known as DLP or Data Loss Prevention keeps the end-users away from transferring essential pieces of information outskirts of the corporate networks.

DLP’s function can be understood through any corporate example which does not allow or permit to share any large file through the public cloud, websites, email or in other words at any place which can be considered beyond the parameters of the respective corporate network. When such kind of activities takes place, the Installed DLP terminates the process once detected. And will not allow the process to retake place.

Storage encryptions are one of the practical and innovative data protection methods. At some points the security is found to be intensified on data by using decryptions and encodings. On adopting various endpoint security programs or software, IT managers also requires some prevention strategies for security such as fostering network security, setting up strong password and policies, data access lodging, disaster management and the education for end users.

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