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VoIP is a kind of telephony that uses internet connectivity instead if a landline. The landline uses various coded pulses of electricity for transmitting the sound waves over copper wire or fiber optic cables, on the other hand, VoIP is said to transmit the calls through various wires using an internet connection. The sound waves are found to be converted into the digital data which then travels to the receiver.

At Vivolution, we have joined hands with 3CX to make our first move in the telecom segment. As we have been proficient in the services and working with a partner like 3CX will be quite fruitful for us, for our existing and newbies customers. Both of us together forms a promising bond to serve our clients well and support them with our efficient solutions.


Benefits of VoIP:

We have listed below the key benefits of VoIP, which user can enjoy over Landline:


The VoIP services are not location specific and allow the user to use their mobile phone as the extension of their office phones. If any of your employees work remotely than this can be a significant benefit for you.

Easy Installation:

The VoIP system requires only a calling system, internet connection and a VoIP software to initiate. The set up is also quite straightforward and with zero or little downtime on your company’s network.

Cheaper option:

VoIP is considered to be one of the more affordable options as compared to the various landline services and at times can offer you free international calls too. The maintenance and installation of software and hardware also come at the lower cost as compared to the landline systems.



The VoIP does not restrict themselves to the voice calls as they do offer many additional features like video conferencing.

Streamlined solution:

VoIP comes with a monthly cost mostly fixed and having one service provider for both voice and data can provide higher efficiency and linkage of technologies.


VoIP solutions allows you to install various unlimited lines as they rely only on internet connections.

Fax machine:

VoIP offers a combo offer to buy out Fax machine with the system. Years gone but a fax machine has got its advantage for which people still wants to use them at home. They are Easy to install, delivers fast, easy to use and also provides proof of sending the document.


Leave it to business experts:

We, at 3CX and Vivolution, provides clarity for your business question in telecom domain. If you are establishing your new infrastructure or looking forward to replacing the existing ones. We are here to support you for installation of the VoIP solution and support you without failing at any hour of the day.